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btbnl.jpg BOOM TIC BOOM No Morphine No Lilies
When Downbeat Magazine wrote that “Allison Miller’s sponge-like love of all things musical could only mean she was destined to play it all,” the venerable jazz publication had not yet even heard the drummer and composer’s sophomore release with her Boom Tic Boom band, No Morphine, No Lilies. Yet they were right on the money: this leading-edge quartet’s new music—featuring Myra Melford on piano, Jenny Scheinman on violin, Todd Sickafoose on bass and Miller on drums—is at turns challenging and accessible, teasing and tough, virtuosic but never overbearing. It thrives on surprises and projects a vast array of tonal colors, rhythmic and harmonic shape-shifts and rich emotions. Recorded last year at Berkeley’s Fantasy Studios, No Morphine, No Lilies—co-producedby Miller and Sickafoose and featuring 11 compelling and far-reaching compositions—delivers on the promise first suggested by Boom Tic Boom’s acclaimed 2010 self-titled debut. Miller calls No Morphine, No Lilies “a journey, meant to be listened to from the beginning to the end. I believe in creating a full album, and not single tracks,” she says. A multi-layered, multi-faceted, unified collection of radiant and energizing songs, the album reveals itself further with each repeated listen. When consensus is had, No Morphine, No Lilies is sure to be viewed as one of 2013’s cornerstone jazz recordings, energizing the genre and demanding that the music remains visceral, elevated and relevant to its time.  “No Morphine No Lillies is by turns a dazzling, delightful, and challenging exercise led by not only one of the finest drummers on the scene, but also one of the most innovative compositional voices.” – Tom Jurek,All Music 
LiveatWillisau "Live at Willisau"
This limited edition double-vinyl "Live at Willisau" captures the magic of BOOM TIC BOOM playing at the fabulous Willisau Jazz Festival.  BTB is:  Myra Melford-piano, Jenny Scheinman-violin, Todd Sickafoose-bass, and Allison Miller-drums.  The packaging includes original artwork and a one-of-a-kind etching by Courtney Miller Bellairs.  DownBeat Editors' Pick (January, 2013) 
5am.jpg 5am Stroll - Allison Miller
Allison is currently dividing her time among many exciting projects. She is celebrating her debut release as a bandleader, 5am stroll , on Foxhaven Records . This critically acclaimed album features the masterful Ray Drummond on bass, Steve Wilson on alto saxophone and alto flute, Virginia Mayhew on tenor saxophone, and Bruce Barth on piano. Together they join Allison in representing eight beautiful renditions of her compositions. 5am stroll is an energetic, swingin', instrumental jazz album with a tinge of contemporary grooves and singable melodies.
atendstore.jpg at the end of the day - agrazing maze
agrazing maze is an exciting collaboration of four unique musicians. They come together to create a distinctive and refreshing group sound. Their new release on Foxhaven Records is entitled "the end of the day." It consists of original compositions from each member of the band as well as a few innovative arrangements of jazz classics. From straight ahead swing, to mixed meter compositions and arrangements, to completely free improvisation, agrazing maze is adept at many styles. Whenever and wherever agrazing maze performs the listener is drawn in to the music as it is being created, experiencing and discovering it with the musicians. Always interesting and full of surprises, agrazing maze is a wonderful journey. The members of this ensemble include, pianist, Enrique Haneine; bassist, Carlo DeRosa and drummer, Allison Miller with guest trumpeter Shane Endsley.
NEW RELEASE --> Myra Melford (piano), Todd Sickafoose (bass), Allison Miller (drums) with Jenny Scheinman (violin)
het100.jpg Honey Ear Trio - Steampunk Serenade
Honey Ear Trio with Erik Lawrence, Sax-Rene Hart-Bass, Electronics-Allison Miller-Drums, Percussion