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victor.png victor prieto Persistencia
Victor Prieto, accordion Carlo DeRosa, bass Allison Miller, drums Since moving to New York City in the Fall of 2002 I have had the opportunity to develop my own ideas and learn from other musicians on a daily basis. I met Carlo De Rosa two years ago at a gig he was playing in Williamsburg (Brooklyn). I was very impressed by his playing and asked him to be a part of the trio I was forming. Carlo introduced me to many great musicians including Allison Miller. We played a gig at a small French bistro in Manhattan and the musical connection between us was immediately apparent. This is the result of that connection. On this recording I show many musical aspects of the accordion that have not been heard before. I use the accordion more like a piano while comping and like a saxophone when playing a solo. Harmonically I have developed a new technique to accompany on the accordion, getting colors and textures that I once thought were impossible. I enjoy lyricism and melody, however, I like to incorporate more contemporary phrasing and sounds into both my improvisation and compositions. It adds a new dimension to the accordion that has not yet been explored. I hope you enjoy the trio and our music.
RKbluesSM.bmp Ron Kearns - Blues In The Alley
Recorded Live at Blues Alley, Georgetown, Washington DC, this CD is a live tribute to Ron Kearns. Ron has devoted his life to teaching others. In this CD he teaches us to listen.
RKhandprints.gif Ron Kearns - Handprints
Ron Kearn's first recording on the Foxhave Label, ths CD is easy listening to straight ahead jazz at its best.
CDGetHappyLR.jpg Get Happy
Royce Campbell, Joe Kennedy, Paul Langosch 1. I Want to Be Happy [6:29] 2. Pick Yourself Up [4:48] 3. Joyous Blues [8:46] 4. I'm On A Cloud [7:16] 5. Get Happy [5:42] 6. I'm Beginning To See The Light [6:16] 7. S'Wonderful [6:22] 8. Smile [5:14] 9. Happy Rhythm [6:06] 10. Beautiful Friendship [5:16]