Foxhaven Artist/Record Catalog




Catalog #

Miller, Allison 5am Stroll FX-70016
  at the end of the day  FX-70019
Victor Prieto Persistencia  FX-70020 
Royce Campbell Get Happy FX-70022
Joe Kennedy Get Happy FX-70022
Paul Langosch Get Happy FX-70022
Morgan, Dick After Hours FX-70002
Morgan, Dick Live FX-70003
Morgan, Dick Spellbound FX-70005
Morgan, Dick Spiritual Journey FX-70011
Morgan, Dick Bewitched FX-70024
Morgan, Dick Holidays For Sure FX-70027
Hill, Buck Up-Hill FX-79999
Byrd, Eric The Fire Within FX-70008
Byrd, Eric The Eric Byrd Trio  
Orr, Rich Like An Eager Child FX-70006
Burns, Howard Lucinda's Serenade FX-70007
Kearns, Ron Handprints FX-70004
Kearns, Ron Blues In The Alley FX-70009